Pursuit of excellence - Higher, stronger, faster each day

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They say change is the only constant thing. We believe in changing for the better. As soon as we have the goal in sight, it is time for review, learning and then set ourselves to achieve the next higher goal.

The problems confronting our system - in particular the voluntary blood donation, blood transfusion medicine and care for thalassemia are overwhelming. One might feel that nothing can be done. Often organisations choose to find comfort once they reach a particular level. Then they continue to deliver the same service. We at Sankalp caution ourselves and the people who we work with against this comfort zone. Critical introspection leads organisations to find new strengths, identify newer problems and recharges their motivation to find better solutions. 

The question we must ask ourselves is not how much we have done, but rather how much could be done? It's important to make pursuit of excellence an organisational culture with each person attempting to do things in a better way. This propels the whole organisation forward. This preserves and enhances the vitality of organisations.

For a young, and vibrant country like ours which aims at being the world leader - each one of us have to the the force behind the nation's strength. It is our excellence, our effort, our persistence which contributes to the overall direction our nation takes. Let us be the contributing force. Let us be those who count. Let us pursue the true spirit of "Citius, Altius, Fortius"  ( "Faster, Higher, Stronger.") each day in our lives. 

Let's shape our future. A bright one. A promising one. Let’s give life a better chance!