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  • Seek assistance for arranging blood in extremely difficult situations
  • Donate platelets voluntarily and help ensure platelets on shelf all the time.
  • Learn about strategies and technologies for conservative and rational management of blood.
  • Register if you are a person with Bombay blood group
  • Inform if you have Bombay blood group on your self
  • Request if you need Bombay blood group
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Please, find out the patient's blood group, the component of blood that is needed, the hospital in which the patient is admitted and the city of request before calling for faster response
  • Organise blood donation camps
  • Learn about organising safe and effective blood donation camps
  • Form a Team Red - a team of volunteers who help propogate the message of blood donation
  • Volunteer in our blood donation camps
  • Opt to get tested for thalassemia and other related hemoglobin disorders
  • Organise a drive to get people around you tested
  • Assistance for antenatal testing for parents who are at risk of getting a child with thalassemia
  • Support the treatment and management of a child suffering from thalassemia
  • Refer a patient who is in need of help for thalassemia treatment at our centers
  • Seek advice on management of thalassemia
  • Refer a child suffering from thalassemia for free HLA typing
  • Refer a child for Bone Marrow Transplant
  • Donate towards Bone Marrow Transplant of a child
  • Seek advice on options for cure for families with thalassemia
  • Make a donation - help us do more of what we do
  • Volunteer - join us to make a difference!
  • Share your experience and problems