Emergency Wing : The Ray of Hope


When the existing system fails to find blood for someone, they step in. They are the blood search experts, always updating themselves to be able to find blood anywhere - anytime.

About Emergency Wing

  • Team of volunteers who are experts at blood search. 
  • Manage a network of blood donors, transfusion medicine specialists and medical facilities which could be of help in handling emergency situations
  • Trained to handle blood emergencies and equipped to do whatever best can be done 
  • Updated with the various options and alternatives transfusion medicine offers. 
  • Experts at emergency blood supply chain and logistics

Since 23rd May, 2003 the Team has never dropped a single blood request.

Action Plan

  • Build expertise and preparedness in handling blood emergencies.
  • Make available all possible alternatives and options to save the life.
  • Ensure what is emergency today becomes a simple routine tomorrow.

Why this team

The onus of finding blood is put on the family of the needy. There are times when the systems- the blood banks - the acquaintances - are simple not enough to get blood on time. It could be because of the volume of blood required, the time interval within which it is required, the scarcity of that blood group or simply because the awareness on possible search options is not there. Sankalp Emergency Wing is the "Last Ray of Hope" for the needy. The team is said to be the Last because they do not stop work till the time the person finds blood. Brings together all options, alternatives, knowledge and tools that might be useful.

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