Rakta Kranti Karnataka

Rakta Kranti Karnataka Wing of Sankalp India Foundation is the wing which has the primary responsibility of organising safe blood donation drives across the state maily in educational institutions. 2009-2010 saw a sea of changes make its way into Sankalp. From a primarily Bangalore based operative unit, suddenly Sankalp was there all over Karnataka. The Disha team networked blood banks in major districts of the state and the Emergency Wing looked into finer aspects of providing emergency help in other parts of Karnataka. To make the circle of expansion from Bangalore to Karnataka complete, Rakta Kranti had to spread its wings as well. With 1800 colleges spread all over the state the game was our’s to play, or so we thought!. Our challenge was to conduct blood donation drives in colleges in all districts networked to Sankalp. Before people could know, Rakta Kranti was already split – Rakta Kranti Bangalore and Rakta Kranti Karnataka. Through Rakta Kranti Karnataka Sankalp is taking strides to paint the state red.

Objectives of Rakta Kranti Karnataka

In Karnataka, 50% of the blood is collected by voluntary means. Although Rakta Kranti Karnataka did not dream of changing numbers in one shot, Sanaklp felt that this was the first step in that direction. The team and work was designed with the following objectives in mind

  1. To visit colleges across all districts where Sankalp was networked to in order to propose to them the concept and the need for regular voluntary blood donation drives.

  2. To educate and motivate students to think and act on voluntary blood donation, with a strong focus on the need for blood and donor safety practices.

  3. To form small sub units in different parts of the state who can take the message of voluntary blood donation to the locals there.

  4. To conduct voluntary blood donation drives with a focus on making students from the colleges to take up responsibilities for managing the event.

  5. To register voluntary blood donors who wish to donate in emergencies and help the Sankalp Emergency Wing build a stronger database of donors.

  6. To educate people on the good Blood Banks in their areas thereby guiding them not to fall prey to unsafe and profit oriented units.

  7. To work with Blood Banks from different parts of the state and understand their requirements to be able to cater to the requirements of that area.

  8. To help Blood Banks get regular voluntary blood donation drives and thereby investigate them for quality of service.

  9. To spread the message of the statewide helpline and it’s importance during the search for blood.

  10. To build a stronger foothold for the entire organization in it’s efforts towards working to improve the Blood Banking practices of the state.

What is done in RKK?

Like in Bangalore, we take care of the blood donation drive completely. We visit colleges in all districts, convince the management for the need for a blood donation drive. We then conduct a training for a set of volunteers from the college and then conduct the blood donation drive.


  1. Covered 9 districts of Karnataka to seek the possibility of blood donation drives thereby ensuring the presence of the organization as a major player in the blood banking practices of the state. More than 120 colleges have been visited thus far

  2. Team Red trainings catered to motivate a large base of students from many parts. More than 500 students trained on facets of safe and effective blood donation practices

  3. Conducted 11 blood donation drives until the December 2010 where 729 units of blood have been collected in 6 districts