Disaster Mitigation and Management Group

Pain of a fellow human has always inspired people to come forward to help. Probably this is what drew Sankalp into reaching out to the victims of the Tsunami in Nagapattinam with relief.

But the seed that was planted in the organization by that event took a different shape. Sankalp did not make a relief agency.

We as Indians have a natural tendency not to prepare for future calamities. We wake up when its too late. Grass root level education on disasters and modern preparedness and mitigation techniques is the need of the hour.

Sankalp Disaster Mitigation and Management Group is an initiative to overcome the shackles of unpreparedness in the society and thereby promote education, preparedness and mitigation.

We look towards minimizing damage. We work to build a safer society.
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How Sankalp works during a Disaster:


Submitted by abhinav on Sat, 01-Apr-2006 - 00:31


as per u are doing a great job i personally feal that sankalp should often give kind of seminar and ppt on the same work in various institution governed by public and prvate. i believe that will increase the awareness among the people who really are interested