HLA Typing

Opening the Gateway to Cure

At Sankalp India Foundation, We firmly believe that each child must be given an option for complete cure irrespective of their financial status. The HLA test is the first step which determines whether the sibling can be a matched donor to the child suffering from thalassemia. The cost of HLA typing in India is around Rs. 10,000/- per family making it inaccessible to most families. Unfortunately, most families suffering from thalassemia are unaware of the possibility of cure.

There is good news. Currently, we are offering free HLA typing to those children with thalassemia who have a healthy sibling donor in association with Cure2Children Foundation, Italy and DKMS, Germany. We are happy invite the families to make use of this opportunity.

Please spread the word about the availability of this option for the families. The families can Contact Us for further information and appointment. We have limited number of free testing slots and we consider the eligibility of the family to avail free HLA typing on a case by case basis.

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