Sankalp Program for Thalassemia Cure


To provide high quality patient focused curative option to children suffering from Thalassemia irrespective of financial background with focus on technology and transparency.

About the Program

Sankalp Program for Thalassemia Cure offers Bone Marrow Transplant - the permanent curative option to the children suffering from Thalassemia and other non-malignant blood disorders.

Sankalp India Foundation enables reliable transplants on a non-profit basis. The organisation offers the option of cure to the most appropriate candidates irrespective of their financial status. At the cost equivalent to 4-5 years of thalassemia management, the organisation offers a complete cure.

The organisation has brought together experts who have vast experience with BMT for thalassemia, and health care set-ups that are willing to offer transplants on a not-for-profit basis. Sankalp has established a program that ensures systematic preparation of the chosen kids for transplant and their long-term follow-up – further enhancing the outcome.

Please visit out CureGuide to know more about the transplantations.

Key Features

Key features of our program


We are offering HLA typing

We are offering HLA Typing to find matched donor within the child's family. Know More

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Making It Happen - Our Partner Organisations

Cure2Children Foundation, Italy

Rashtrotthana Parishat, Bangalore

KLES Hospital, Belgaum

Jeevan Blood Bank, Chennai

Jagriti InnoHealth Platforms

Rural Development Trust, Ananthpur

Anand Labs, Bangalore

Bai Jerabai Wadia Children’s Hospital

Supratech Labs, Ahmedabad

DKMS, Germany

We Care Trust, Mumbai

IGICH, Bangalore

Project Sites

BMJH-Sankalp Centre for Pediatric Hematology Oncology and BMT

Sankalp-CIMS Centre for Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplantation, Ahmedabad

Sankalp-BMJH Bangalore Sankalp-PTH Bangalore Sankalp-CIMS Ahmedabad
Total Transplants 235 176 244
Overall Survival Post Transplant 79.6% 83% 90.6%
Total HLA Typing Done 4222 1658 3079

Thalassemia Cure