They gave us freedom - let us deserve it!

Submitted by sankalp on

Being born is a free nation, receiving great education and not having to worry about staying alive already is more blessing than what vast majority of human beings enjoy. It’s sort of a power - a power which comes with a bit of responsibility as well.

It’s true that everything is not right. We have options. To complain. To ignore. Or to do something about it. Freedom for us may also mean the responsibility to command all the strength, be guided by our conscience and intellect, and do what we think is the right thing to be done.

There are more who wait to find meaning to the freedom that has been promised. It’s our duty, our responsibility, to pay back by securing for others what was secured for us.

The responsibility to build this nation does not end at the politicians, bureaucrats and armed forces. . Every farmer, every engineer, every lawyer, every businessman, every doctor, every artist, every laborer, every single man shared the responsibility.

Nevertheless, in these turbulent times, in this month of March, when we think of paying a little tribute to the numerous many who gave whatever they could for a better future for us, let’s choose a wise form of expression. Do something meaningful. Do something for the larger good. Let’s work towards making things for our people a little better.

Someone paid for our freedom. Let’s deserve it!