ThalMeet 2023 organised in Ahmedabad


3rd March 2023, Ahmedabad


ThalMeet, the training meet for the coordinators of Thalassemia DayCare Centres from western and northern parts of the country, was organised in Ahmedabad by Team Sankalp. These regular meetings, which provide an opportunity to share, learn, and update, are critical to ensuring that our daycare centers continue to improve.


These gatherings give the team's younger members a chance to network with their counterparts from other centres. Most of the centres who took part in this meeting have been operating for 2-4 years at this point. Consolidating the fundamentals and assisting them in growing in autonomy and self-assurance on the next level of interventions they may offer locally were two major objectives of this meeting. Their ability to use ThalCare, our knowledge management platform, in order to make more complex decisions, was improved in order to do this.


Each centre has the chance to present their efforts and results at ThalMeet. In addition to facilitating the exchange of best practises and knowledge, this is a necessary condition for the following step, which is goal setting. The meeting included setting goals for the upcoming year and reviewing the centres' success. The upper level goals were divided into several action items, which the teams will each take back with their own list.


Together with education, training, and evaluations, the meeting offers a chance for socialising and fun. The highly effective discussion came to an end with resolute participants wanting to advance treatment at their centre.


Patrika Section