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A certain amount of unrest that resides within us is our driving power. In our day to day living, this unrest provokes us work for our dreams.

Sankalp Unit


Dear all at Sankalp

Hearty congratulations on the Jury's choice award from Americares. I had made a presentation myself on behalf of Pallium India. I would have preferred to win the award for Pallium India, but am happy that we lost to such a worthy competitor.

I am writing this just to tell you how much I admire the wonderful work that you do. Before I came into Palliative Care, I worked as an anesthesiologist and in that role a not-infrequent heart-breaking experience used to be having to watch helplessly as people died in front of you just because blood did not become available at the right time.  Your essential humanity is very very inspiring and I fold my hands to you.

And the presentation was simply wonderful!