War of estranged doctors: US expert weighs in


AHMEDABAD: Upon Gujarat high court’s instruction to obtain opinion about the type of treatment preferred for a 4-year-old girl who is thalassemia major, the USA’s expert in bone marrow transplant, Dr Lawrence Faulkner said that apart from regular blood transfusion, haplo-identical bone marrow transplant can be opted for in the case.

The HC has intervened in the subject of the type of treatment for the 4-year-old girl after her doctor parents approached the court fighting over the issue. The HC had asked senior advocate Yogesh Lakhani to provide assistance to line up with Bengaluru-based Sankalp India Foundation, with which Dr Faulkner is associated.

The child was taken to the expert for consultation during his recent visit to Ahmedabad.

The sparring doctor couple had a difference of opinions on their daughter’s treatment. While the mother insisted on haplo-identical bone marrow transplant, the father was for unrelated match bone marrow transplant.

The dispute was also over who would incur expenditure for the treatment.

The HC has also asked the amicus curiae to find out from expert doctors about the amount to be spent after the surgery. tnn